VPGNS Takeover Series:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a featured influencer in our Instagram story takeover.

The goal is to target both our markets/followers and industries and to connect them with our products as well as help you gain new followers as well.

We are not only targeting vapers, but non vapers as well as we do offer products related to other cultures/lifestyles

The takeover will be promoted few days prior allowing our followers as well as yours to be able to be prepared for the time of the takeover.

You will have access to our Instagram and are expected to provide content for at least 4-6 hours.

Here are some of the things we can curate for the takeover:

Product Review: We will send products/apparel/juices etc for you to sample and review

Q&A with our followers and your followers

IG LIVE: Live Q&A and Giveaway Announcement

Giveaway Details: Follow both accounts hashtag etc. will finalize prior to takeover.

Influencer will have their own promo code created for our retail site to promote.

Photos of you wearing products etc

Brand Topics To Share:

Intro about yourself etc


Future Events

Promo Code

More content generation will be discussed prior.

Compensation is agreed prior to the takeover. 

If interested please send email with your request as well as links to your social media. 


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